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My name is Lucila (known as Luli Bunny) and I’m an illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
For over 10 years I’ve been creating designs for toys, stationery and games, as well as illustrated books for clients from a wide array of countries such as Argentina, UK, USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, Canada, Indonesia and Korea.
I am a big fan of all animals, especially small furry and feathered ones, and I love to sketch in the park where I can watch the birds.


Benchmark Education | Cartoon Network | Corriere de la Sera | Davide + Charlotte | Dudu Town Books | Deux Coq’s d’or/Hachette | Editorial Beeme | Editorial Puerto de Palos | Estación Mandioca | Grupo Clarín | Éditions Gründ Jeunesse | HMH Publishing | Footy Argentina | Igloo Books | Ivy Press | Kapelusz | Mama Elephant | MiniLou | Momiji | Mo´s Daughters | Oxford University Press | Papel Picado | Phillips Avent | Samsung Publishing Korea | Scholastic | Squishy Inc | Tattyoo | Tesco | Triciclo Editores | Yoyo Books



2019 | El Juguete Rabioso at Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2018 | Kleurboel at Het Stadsmus (Hasselt, Belgium)
2017 | Star-Crossed Love at Gallery 205 (Tennessee, USA)
2016 | Indie Toys AR at Espacio Cabrera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2016 | HUSH: Solo Exhibition at the Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2016 | OTOTOY (Medellín, Colombia)
2015 | Kawaii at Espacio Cabrera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2015 | Showcase 100 (London, UK)
2014 | Diseñadores en el Jardín Japonés (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2014 | Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show (California, USA)
2014 | Doggie Wonderland Art Benefit (California, USA)
2013 | Story Time Group Show (California, USA)
2013 | Artistas Urbanas at Espacio Cabrera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2013 | Artists For Animals (Quebec, Canada)
2013 | Puma Urban Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2012 | Inspiration Day – Conferencia “Diseño de personajes” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2012 | Pablove One Another (California, USA)
2012 | Puzzle Street Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2012 | Puma Urban Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2011 | Pictoplasma Missing Link Research Exhibition (Paris, France)
2011 | Pequeño mundo de personajes Inspiration Fest (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


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