YEAR: 2019 | 2020

Meet Cato
She is inventive, creative, smart and perceptive.
With an (almost) scientific approach, she knows how to solve major riddles.
Curious about how things work exactly, and how you KNOW that, she thinks up all kinds of experiments.
And luckily she has her long-haired guinea pig named Poema with her for occasional consultations, or to use in her “research”.
About Mo’s Daughters
Mo’s Daughters mission is to create inspirational stories, with girls in the lead. Stories that make girls bigger through word and image.
Stories and role models that show girls (and boys) that they can be anything they want, that they are amazing just the way they are.
Did you know that kids- girls and boys- believe that intelligence is a characteristic is a ‘boy-thing’ as of the age of 6 years?
It’s through the stories that surround them from 0-6 years old that this belief becomes a truth in their mind.
So I want to make sure that there are enough stories out there that tell girls that they are smart, no more
stupid old fashioned stereotyping. I know my sisters, girlfriends, aunts, colleagues…they are smart, fierce,
independent and do not need a prince on a white horse, and neither do their daughters. So let’s change the narrative!