Cato Book Series

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Mo’s Daughters is dedicated to crafting inspirational stories with girls at the forefront. Their mission is to empower girls through captivating storytelling and vibrant imagery. Children, both girls and boys, start perceiving intelligence as a ‘boy-thing’ as early as age 6. This misconception stems from the stories that shape their worldview from infancy to early childhood. Mo’s Daughters is committed to challenging outdated stereotypes and fostering a culture where girls know they are smart, capable, and valued for who they are.

Meet Cato: She is inventive, creative, smart, and perceptive. With an (almost) scientific approach, she skillfully unravels major riddles and dives deep into understanding how things work. Her insatiable curiosity fuels a plethora of experiments, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Fortunately, she has her long-haired guinea pig named Poema by her side for occasional consultations or to assist in her research endeavours.